Sydney Blinds & Security Doors has over 15 years of experience in manufacture and installation of Window Furnishing in residential, commercial and developmental buildings across Sydney.

Our knowledge and expertise in Window Furnishing and Flourishing industry has expanded. That led to the establishment of our Workshop at WARWICK FARM that manufactures and distributes quality custom made blinds and security doors and screens.

Our business strengths and pride can be found in:

  • Quality, Custom Made PRODUCTS
  • Competitive PRICING for Locals, Large Orders and Builders
  • Prompt and Hassle FREE Measurements and Quotes
  • Licensed Installers of Security and SafeGuard Doors and Screens
  • Friendly and experienced team that can come to your door at time that is convenient for you and at no extra cost.

We believe that our website will guide you to Window Flourishing products that you need and would love to have. When you find those, you can:

  1. Obtain a quote by submitting the FORM, Quick Quote
  2. Send us an email to
  3. Contact us via phones:
    1. Office: (02) 9604 2986
    2. Workshop: 0419 620 516
    3. Orders and Enquiries: 0423 008 774.
  4. Visit* our Showroom at Warwick Farm: 8a/4 Homepride Ave, Warwick Farm NSW 217

* Please note that our Showroom and Workshop are combined. If you wish to Visit us, contact us first so that we can Schedule the time for you.

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